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Younus Group has established itself as one of the fastest thriving conglomerate in the industrial arena of Bangladesh. It all started from humble beginnings as a cold storage business in 1981. Since then, the business operating for 38 years now has transformed and expanded itself into a group through a plethora of various businesses in diverse sectors, hosting a set of industrial units situated on important industrial locations throughout the country.

Currently the group consists of paper mills, cold storages, plastic goods manufacturing companies, trading concerns, spinning mills and a potato flakes producing plant. The group has also involved itself in the environmental sector, mass media, education and social welfare which enable it to contribute to the Bangladeshi socio-economic development. “Commitment” & “Punctuality” are the two main qualities that Younus Group has built its principles on. The group believes that this was the driving force behind their successful journey of 38 years.


  • Companies : 36
  • Business Partners : 6
  • Suppliers : 50+
  • Employees : 2,356
  • Peoples involved indirectly : 588
  • Operational Sectors :
    Paper Manufacturing, Textile, Cold Storage, Food Industry, River  Dredging, Light Engineering, Education, Aviation Sector, Agro, Information Technology, Media, E-Commerce, Tour Operation

mission-vision younus group


The group is bound to provide modern echo-friendly effective technologies in all its factories with a promise of ensuring safe & environment friendly facilities to the employees for a satisfactory output.


We prefer to be one of the most committed business groups in Bangladesh as well as be a partner in the progress of this country’s rising economic avenue, and we firmly believe it is possible with our 38 years of extensive experience.

award younus group

  • Awarded the “Highest VAT Paying Company” in 2015

    The group’s commitment towards the development of the nation is found through this award. It doesn’t matter what the crises of the country faces and its impact on the companies. Younus Group will always try to fulfill its moral duties for the benefit of the socio economic development.

  • Mr. Younus was awarded as the CIP (Commercially Important Person) for 3 terms by the Honorable Prime Minister of Bangladesh:

    Due to Mr.Younus’s strong work ethics and affection for the country’s common development, he was awarded with being the CIP for 3 consecutive terms as a sign of respect and admiration for the company’s prowess. It is a sign of great motivation as well as success in the country.

Managing Director Younus Group

Mohammed Younus

Born in the Tongibari, Munshiganj district formerly known as Bikrampur, an important business and transportation hub of ancient times. Mr. Muhammad Younus is bringing that reputation of Bikrampur back in the present day, but this time for the whole country. In January 1958, Mr. Younus was born, the eldest son of the two sons and three daughters of Mr. Abdus Sobhan and Mrs. Rokeya Begum. Born in Bikrampur, but raised in Dhaka Mr.Younus swiftly opened up a start-up company right after he completed his education in the form of a cold storage business via a BSRS entrepreneur loan. From then on, it was no looking back for Mr.Younus. With a brilliant work ethic and values such as commitment, punctuality, courage, respect, responsibility, integrity and transparency he was determined to form a group of companies and make each one of them successful.This inspiration and dream helped him on his successful corporate journey of 38 years, helped him become one of the most diverse leading group of companies in the country.

He has been awarded DESH BANDHU CHITTARANJAN DAS Gold Medal for Industrialization in our country and this Medel was handed over by Honorable President of People’s Republic of Bangladesh in the year of 1993. Due to Mr.Younus’s strong work ethics and affection for the country’s common development, he was awarded with being the CIP for 3 consecutive terms as a sign of respect and admiration for the company’s prowess. It is a sign of great motivation as well as success in the country.

Indeed, impossible is a word that cannot be found in Mr. Younus’s dictionary

Managing Director Younus Group

Mohammed Younus

Dear Visitor,

Welcome to the Web presence of Younus Group of Industries and thanks you for your interest. This site will give you on insight into our Group, its products and services, and how we can work together.

Everything we do is based on our corporate value:

Courage, Achievement, Respect, Responsibility, Integrity and Transparency. They give us orientation and they determine our business relationship and of course how we co-operate within the company. And there values enable us to create a trustful environment in which entrepreneurship can thrive essential for a business model that is built on innovation.

We at Younus Group have been able to achieve success in our endeavourers using the three vital tools; foresight, proper strategies and preparedness to tackle any situation. I would like to express my gratitude to all of you for standing by us throughout this journey and wish this relationship grows stronger in future. We always aim to move forward and cross all the hurdles on our way owing to intelligent business decision taken by the management team. Success is not a one man show; it can only be achieved by the hard work put in by each and every employee across the length of the organizational chain and this is what happens at Younus Group.

The backbone business of the Younus Group different types of paper product continue to achieve marvelous growth and also expanded its business in the respective domain.

We wish to expand gradually and increase our market presence.


Mohammed Younus
Managing Director
Younus Group

Mohammed Younus
Mohammed YounusManaging Director
Mohammed Javed Noman
Mohammed Javed NomanDeputy Managing Director
Mohammed Rashedul Islam
Mohammed Rashedul IslamDirector
Md. Kawsar Azizur Rahman
Md. Kawsar Azizur RahmanDirector (Technical)
Mohammad Kamrul Islam
Mohammad Kamrul IslamDirector (Logistics)
Md. Ataur Rahman
Md. Ataur RahmanAsst. Director
Md. Ziaul Haque
Md. Ziaul HaqueCFO
Mr. Al-Mamun Parvez
Mr. Al-Mamun ParvezGM (Accounts)

Corporate Social Responsibility

Since its inception, Younus Group has always advocated the idea of doing well for the environment and it has tried to maintain its reputation as an environment friendly entity. The group has witnessed dire socio economic conditions in Bangladesh, but was able to successfully overcome those hurdles and came up with a solution every time. However, the group believes there is still room for improvement and whatever problems they face, they can tackle it as they have been doing for the last 38 years. It hopes to become one of the headlining business groups in Bangladesh within the next few years.

The Green Company

Younus Group prefers to call them a Green company because it always tries to maintain a harmonious balance between environment and progress. It has maintained this environmental friendly process for 38 years, amidst several socio-economic crises in the country and yet it has turned itself around, keeping in mind the group’s core principles of “Commitment” and “Punctuality” time and again.

Growth Strategy

Our continuous data analysis, modernization of mechanism, improvement in the management efficiency and overall management surveillance ensures both quality products and competitive prices. Younus Group of Industries is adamant to decentralize the industries from the capital city, with wide spread diverse companies all across the country. It promises to grow with its values, honesty, integrity, and commitment to customers and the nation as a whole. Younus Group of Industries also recognizes that maintaining the trust and confidence of employee and with the people with whom they do business for its continued growth and success.

Our achievements

  • Our paper production has met the local consumer’s demand and has seen a rise in sales by 12%. We fully support an export quality based commercial industry, hence our brilliant packaging is trusted by consumers.
  • We take pride in claiming that we are one of the best export quality based potato flakes industry in the rising agro sector, which earns foreign revenues for our country. We are the one and only sector which uses a perishable product such as potatoes and transforms them into sustainable edible product such as mashed potato, potato powder etc.
  • We enrich employers or other enthusiasts by giving them training in the sector of IT, aviation, and other professions. Thus, these trained individuals can contribute for the country and their families at home or abroad with their expertise.
  • We have a dedicated set of 15 cold storages for potato preservation to save the potato growers from their losses as they are serve the nation and contribute diligently to the agro Sector of Bangladesh.